2021 New Emerging Business Ideas

Millennials born between the mid 1980s & late 1990 ,by 2025 millennials will make upto 75% of the workforce ,so the common traits of millennials,lately becomes the common trait for good organisation . so here are very few yet very important positive traits to learn from them :

• Team orientation

The ability to work in teams , collaborate,build relationships are important for millennials. maintaining this high engagement level is crucial for any organisation and for succeeding in this competitive world.

• Regular Feed -back

Millennial tends to be curious,they want to improve themselves professionally and they view regular feed back as an important component of professional development.

Millennials choice of business,in 2021 would be quite changing from those earlier as after the pandemic Covid19 ,the way different platforms have been discovered and totally changed the mindset of people,so here are some 2021 new emerging business ,which can
be millennials choices.

• Increased development of 5G ,infrastructure ,amenities

The demand for higher speed internet and a shift towards well connected homes and smart cities ,have pushed u to bring the advancement of 5G- 6G internet technology. 2021 will give us this great advancement of this both from the large corporations and Startups . the post pandemic made us understand the importance of high speed internet connection as all of our work had been conducted over internet.

• Sanititation

The santitation market fourfold after the novel coronavirus outbreak. the size of category crossed Rs43 crore in march from Rs10 crore a year ago,fast moving consumer goods companies such as ITC ltd ,Dabur India,Emami ltd, captured a portion of market. the pandemic has changed the consumer’s outlook towards health and it’s safety causing a very great engagement of sanititation
market throughout the world.

• Dropshipping

There has been a complete change in the thinking or mindset of people after the pandemic. now everything is coming out as a virtual concept, so dropshipping is probably the best idea to sell products online without any hectake of physically managing the products. apps like oberlo and handshake enables small business owner to find high quality products and aslo helps in building long lasting relationships with suppliers.

• Personal Care

Personal care market in india in 2019 was valued at USdollar 11.5 Bn and is expected to cross USdollar 15 Bn by 2023. this segment constructes around 47% of market share of total beauty. Vikas Bogarica founder of pee safe mentioned “ demad will keep growing and will be valued up to 2000 crore by the year 2025.

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