Do You Want To Start Your Business? Let's Find Out How

Do you want to start your Business? Let's find out how


Moaiser is uniquely designed aggregator platform to map business partners organically. It's recognize and spot a perfect match for your business and create a well-defined atmosphere to nurture your idea and convert it into reality.


The company (Moaiser ) is created in 2020 during the pandemic, when people were fired from their jobs. It was created to help people who had to start their own business, this company helps people in different verticals such as K-kisan, Partner Search, and Startup Support. Let's understand about each vertical in detail.


  • ?Partner Search

        Good partnership inspires greater productivity, hence under this vertical we help you find a great partner that is perfecly suitable according to your business type and need. Basically we help you as a partner finding or search engine.


  • K-kisan

        Due to the shift in trend from quality over quantity the demand for pure and organic products have tremendously increased. Which influenced us to support our farmer community through K-Kisan global network so that Farmers can trade globally and digitally that is they can sell products or produce at the price and time they choose.


  • ?Startup Support

        Every startup has to deal with various uncertainties while beginning such as competition,finance, Market search,etc. So for dealing with these uncertainties we have a platform called Startup Support. Where we help you get a bunch of valuable advice from experts , help find suitable investors for your startup and also provide you market Linkages.


  • Contract Farming

      It includes agriculture production being carried out on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and farm producers.


We already have 200+ Network of training center and 50+ projects across country.

Our clients are the happiest while having a deal with us.



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