Why and how to we celebrate Christmas?

Why and how to we celebrate Christmas?

The son of God' known to us as a Jesus christ. Christmas is celebration of the birth of jesus christ. 


Christmas is one of the most popular and important festival celebrated in india.It is so popular that it is celebrated in more than 100 countries all over the world. It is mostly celebrated by the people who follow christianity.  

The reason and the way of celebrating the Christmas vary from country to country. 

In many countries Christmas is celebrated throughout December. It is celebrated on 25 of December every year.Basically it is a three day festival:

First day is celebrated on 24th of December and this day is known as a Christmas Eve.

Second day is celebrated on 25 of December known as a Christmas .

Third day is celebrated on 26th of December known as a Boxing day celebration. 


It is a celebration of a birth of a Jesus christ. It is believed that Jesus parents, Joseph and Mary, arrived new city named Bethlehem. As they were new to city there was no place for them to live. As she was pregnant, so she gave birth to jesus in stable. 


On this day people decorate there house and Christmas tree, give gifts to each other ....

Merry Christmas 


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