Do You Want To Start Your Business? Let's Find Out How

by Moaiser on 4th Feb 2021

Do you want to start your Business? Let's find out how


Moaiser is uniquely designed aggregator platform to map business partners organically. It's recognize and spot a perfect match for your business and create a well-defined atmosphere to nurture your idea and convert it into reality.


The company (Moaiser ) is created in 2020 during the pandemic, when people were fired from their jobs. It was created to help people who had to start their own business, this company helps people in different verticals such as K-kisan, Partner Search, and Startup Support. Let's understand about each vertical in detail.


  • ?Partner Search

        Good partnership inspires greater productivity, hence under this vertical we help you find a great partner that is perfecly suitable according to your business type and need. Basically we help you as a partner finding or search engine.


  • K-kisan

        Due to the shift in trend from quality over quantity the demand for pure and organic products have tremendously increased. Which influenced us to support our farmer community through K-Kisan global network so that Farmers can trade globally and digitally that is they can sell products or produce at the price and time they choose.


  • ?Startup Support

        Every startup has to deal with various uncertainties while beginning such as competition,finance, Market search,etc. So for dealing with these uncertainties we have a platform called Startup Support. Where we help you get a bunch of valuable advice from experts , help find suitable investors for your startup and also provide you market Linkages.


  • Contract Farming

      It includes agriculture production being carried out on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and farm producers.


We already have 200+ Network of training center and 50+ projects across country.

Our clients are the happiest while having a deal with us.



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Prarambh The "Start-Up"

by Moaiser on 3rd Feb 2021

Prarambh "The Startup"

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi interacted with startups and addressed “Prarambh” via video conference that is Startup India International Summit .with most events being held virtually, it has given a great opportunity for youngsters to be a part of many interesting domestic & global forums. 

PM addresses that a great change have taken place from ‘ why don’t you do a job?!’ to ‘why don’t you create your own startup’. because of the youth from all backgrounds are able to realise their potential.

Ministers from BIMSTEC countries and union ministers Shri Prakash Javadekarn, Shri Piyush Goyal and Shri Som Prakash were present on the occasion.


 • 11 Startups entered the ‘Unicorn club’ in 2020 during the pandemic time ,he too underlined the concept of aatmnirbharta during the crisis.


 • In 2014 ,only 4 startups were in the unicorn club now more than 30 startups have crossed the 1 billion mark.


 • PM launched the booklet titled “ Evolution Of Startup India” underlining India's 5 year journey of startup?? pace detailing 41000 startups out of which 5700 IT sector , 3600 health and about 1700 are active in agriculture sector.


 • 8 thousand startups are registered on GEM portal and have done the Business of 2300 crores.


 • PM announced the launching of startup India seed fund with one thousand crore rupees ,this will help in starting and growing new startup.



  Team Moaiser

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Ways To Finance Up Your Business

by Moaiser on 29th Jan 2021

A startup has to go through a lot of uncertainties that comes when you have to ensure that your idea is profitable and successfull to how you will able to manage up those funding. you need a great & stable financial support to kick start and setup your business. If you know what exactly you have to do and how to do then you surely succeed in financing your frim . here are some listed key pointers to give you a bit idea of how you can curb up those funding or financing crisis.


 1. Crowdfunding 


In crowdfunding an entrepreneur will put up a detailed description of his business on a crowdfunding platform,where you will mention the goals of your business,plans of making profit and how much funds to be needed. those giving money will make online pledges with the promise of pre buying the products, it also generates interest and helps marketing the product along with financing. This scheme until now has been used to finance a wide range of projects in different fields, such as art, scientific research, medical, travel, social, civic projects, and only recently has been applied to renovation and the energy efficiency sector.


2- Get your self sponsored by reliable partner


You can sponsored your startup by concerned partners in your field to get started. Moaiser our company is basically an aggregator platform for partner search engine where we help you find a reliable partner who is best suited up for your business and has common goal towards it.


3- Bank Loans


Business loans from any trusted bank can help you grow your startup on a large scale,for that you need to have a good credit score for the loan and also a DPR (detailed project report) for implementation of its business idea, which needs to have certain important aspects of the project or startup like cost, availing of utilities, environment aspects,etc. Moaiser helps you in preparing this detailed project report.


4- Angel Investors 


You can finance up your startup/business by angel investors,who can be entrepreneurs too . Angel investors can often provide you with great management advice or support and important contacts. Moaiser helps you directly pitch deck in front of angel investors at face to face meetings.


From team Moaiser

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Idea For Developing Your Business Startup

by Moaiser on 27th Jan 2021

Startups frequently prepare a 'Pitch Deck' to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. We help Startups to be presentable in front of Investors. epare a 'Pitch Deck' to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. We help Startups to be presentable in front of Investors.

A billion dollar idea, when starts converting into a scalable business model is called as a startup, which has to go through various uncertainties and to resolve all those problems coming in startups. We have a platform called "Startup Support".

  • Help you find suitable Investors.
  • To give you market linkages.
  • To boost up your success rate.
  • Expert advice valuable for your business success.
  • To review your design and suggest best industrial practices.


Here are some points for developing your business:-


  • BusinessFeasibility check ( Idea Validation)

The Business Feasibility is used to support the decision-making process based on a cost benefit analysis of the actual business or project viability.


  • Business project Report ( Advance )

Project Report is a written document relating to any investment.A Project Report is a document which provides details on the overall picture of the proposedbusiness. The project report gives an account of the project proposal to ascertain the prospects of the proposed plan/activity.


  • Industry specific vendor linkage

Industrial linkage can be broadly defined as the contacts and flows of information and/or materials between two or more industrial sectors or firms.Industrial linkages are a powerful sustainer of industrial agglomerations, and serve to propel economic growth and widen a firm's knowledge of space.


  • Kick Starter Webinar's/ Industry Specific Webinar's

a webinar is a "seminar conducted over the Internet. It's a powerful marketing tactic that can position you as an expert in your field. It'll allow you to connect with your audience, train new employees, and increase your profit margin.


  • Industries & Startup Advisory & Support

Geta bunch of valuable advice from our experts regarding your business idea.We'll support you in your every step of Business.


  • Industrial Expert Guidance

Our Industrial Expert will guide you in your entire journey, answer your any questions, review your design and suggest Industrial best practices.


  • Startup-Investor meet

our team will Find suitable investors for your startup and Our team will provide you market linkage and help you connecting with Investor.


  • Idea Validation & Design Review

Idea Validation is the process of testing and validating your idea prior to launch of Business name, product, service, website and tag line.


  • Market Linkage Guidance

A clear market Linkage is comprised of one or more organisations that facilitate end to end integration of the entire supply chain . So we help in facilitating trade relationships of the product with the target client or market.


  • Investor Pitch Deck Guidance

Startups frequently prepare a 'Pitch Deck' to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. We help Startups to be presentable in front of Investors.



From Moaiser 





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2021 New Emerging Business Ideas

by Moaiser on 12th Jan 2021

Millennials born between the mid 1980s & late 1990 ,by 2025 millennials will make upto 75% of the workforce ,so the common traits of millennials,lately becomes the common trait for good organisation . so here are very few yet very important positive traits to learn from them :

• Team orientation

The ability to work in teams , collaborate,build relationships are important for millennials. maintaining this high engagement level is crucial for any organisation and for succeeding in this competitive world.

• Regular Feed -back

Millennial tends to be curious,they want to improve themselves professionally and they view regular feed back as an important component of professional development.

Millennials choice of business,in 2021 would be quite changing from those earlier as after the pandemic Covid19 ,the way different platforms have been discovered and totally changed the mindset of people,so here are some 2021 new emerging business ,which can
be millennials choices.

• Increased development of 5G ,infrastructure ,amenities

The demand for higher speed internet and a shift towards well connected homes and smart cities ,have pushed u to bring the advancement of 5G- 6G internet technology. 2021 will give us this great advancement of this both from the large corporations and Startups . the post pandemic made us understand the importance of high speed internet connection as all of our work had been conducted over internet.

• Sanititation

The santitation market fourfold after the novel coronavirus outbreak. the size of category crossed Rs43 crore in march from Rs10 crore a year ago,fast moving consumer goods companies such as ITC ltd ,Dabur India,Emami ltd, captured a portion of market. the pandemic has changed the consumer’s outlook towards health and it’s safety causing a very great engagement of sanititation
market throughout the world.

• Dropshipping

There has been a complete change in the thinking or mindset of people after the pandemic. now everything is coming out as a virtual concept, so dropshipping is probably the best idea to sell products online without any hectake of physically managing the products. apps like oberlo and handshake enables small business owner to find high quality products and aslo helps in building long lasting relationships with suppliers.

• Personal Care

Personal care market in india in 2019 was valued at USdollar 11.5 Bn and is expected to cross USdollar 15 Bn by 2023. this segment constructes around 47% of market share of total beauty. Vikas Bogarica founder of pee safe mentioned “ demad will keep growing and will be valued up to 2000 crore by the year 2025.

From Team Moaiser

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Looking for top brands franchise?

by Moaiser on 5th Jan 2021

Looking for top brands franchise?

Here are some top 10 brand where you can invest this is our third post on franchise.

1. McDonald's

Franchise fee: $45,000

Initial investment: $1,008,000 to $2,214,080

Franchise details: McDonald's

If you want golden arches of your own, you'll need to put in a hefty initial investment. But with that investment, you get brand recognition, popularity, and years of experience in the fast food industry.

2. 7-Eleven

Franchise fee: $10,000 to $1,000,000

Initial investment: $37,550 to $1,149,900

Franchise details: 7-Eleven

As the #1 convenience store, 7-Eleven is seeing unprecedented growth. Its stores are turnkey and you can get started within three to six months, including application, testing, and training.

3. Dunkin'

Franchise fee: $40,000 to $90,000

Initial investment: $109,700 to $1,637,700

Franchise details: Dunkin'

Dunkin' dropped the "Donuts" from its name, but this business is as recognizable as ever with locations in 32 countries. It was rated #1 in customer loyalty by Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. And they support their franchisees with training and assistance with site selection, construction, operations, management, and marketing.

4. The UPS Store

Franchise fee: $29,950

Initial investment: $138,433 to $460,031

Franchise details: The UPS Store

The UPS Store is the top-ranked franchise in the business services industry. It boasts financial stability, brand recognition, and dedicated training and support — and 84% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a The UPS Store.


Franchise fee: $15,000 to $32,000

Initial investment: $37,500 to $225,000

Franchise details: RE/MAX

Over its 40 years of business, RE/MAX has grown to over 100,000 agents in nearly 100 countries. It's a well-known brand with a global presence, strong advertising strategies, and well-developed core philosophies.

6. Sonic Drive-In

Franchise fee: $45,000

Initial investment: $1,240,000 to $3,540,000

Franchise details: Sonic Drive-In

This drive-in chain prides itself in operational excellence and its customer service. This brand keeps growing — its franchise owners saw the average gross sales-by-store increase from $1,072,000 in 2012 to $1,256,000 in 2018.

7. Great Clips

Franchise fee: $20,000

Initial investment: $136,900 to $259,400

Franchise details: Great Clips

Great Clips has been in business for 30 years and provides its franchise owners with up-to-date technology and training. It has invested heavily in market research to provide customers with the best service and experience.

8. Taco Bell

Franchise fee: $25,000 to $45,000

Initial investment: $525,100 to $2,622,400

Franchise details: Taco Bell

This quick service restaurant brand has been around for 50 years and developed financial stability and brand recognition. It has a proven operating system and gives you access to restaurant resources and a community of more than 350 franchisees who know the business.

9. Hardee's Restaurants

Franchise fee: $25,000 to $35,000

Initial investment: $1,600,000 to $2,120,000

Franchise details: Hardee's Restaurants

Hardee's is a subsidiary of publicly traded company CKE Restaurants, Inc., and it's one of America's premier burger brands. It offers classroom and on-the-job training, as well as assistance with advertising, social media, SEO, website development, email marketing, and loyalty programs.

10. Sport Clips

Franchise fee: $59,500

Initial investment: $224,800 to $373,300

Franchise details: Sport Clips

Sport Clips is growing and showing its strength and stability — it has a high continuity rate of 95.4% over the past five years. This means that out of all the stores that opened throughout the last five years, more than 95.4% of them are open today. It attributes this stability to relatively low startup costs, a solid support system, and continual monitoring of store performance.

From Team Moaiser
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Who Invented Santa Claus?

by Moaiser on 5th Jan 2021

Who Invented Santa Claus?

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back to a monk named St. Nicholas who was born in Turkey around 280 A.D.. St. Nicholas gave away all of his inherited wealth and traveled the countryside helping the poor and sick, becoming known as the protector of children and sailors.

St. Nicholas first entered American popular culture in the late 18th century in New York, when Dutch families gathered to honor the anniversary of the death of “Sint Nikolaas” (Dutch for Saint Nicholas), or “Sinter Klaas” for short. “Santa Claus” draws his name from this abbreviation.

In 1822, Episcopal minister Clement Clarke Moore wrote a Christmas poem called “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas,” more popularly known today by it’s first line: “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” The poem depicted Santa Claus as a jolly man who flies from home to home on a sled driven by reindeer to deliver toys.

The iconic version of Santa Claus as a jolly man in red with a white beard and a sack of toys was immortalized in 1881, when political cartoonist Thomas Nast drew on Moore's poem to create the image of Old Saint Nick we know today.



From Team Moaiser



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Why and how to we celebrate Christmas?

by Moaiser on 5th Jan 2021

Why and how to we celebrate Christmas?

The son of God' known to us as a Jesus christ. Christmas is celebration of the birth of jesus christ. 


Christmas is one of the most popular and important festival celebrated in india.It is so popular that it is celebrated in more than 100 countries all over the world. It is mostly celebrated by the people who follow christianity.  

The reason and the way of celebrating the Christmas vary from country to country. 

In many countries Christmas is celebrated throughout December. It is celebrated on 25 of December every year.Basically it is a three day festival:

First day is celebrated on 24th of December and this day is known as a Christmas Eve.

Second day is celebrated on 25 of December known as a Christmas .

Third day is celebrated on 26th of December known as a Boxing day celebration. 


It is a celebration of a birth of a Jesus christ. It is believed that Jesus parents, Joseph and Mary, arrived new city named Bethlehem. As they were new to city there was no place for them to live. As she was pregnant, so she gave birth to jesus in stable. 


On this day people decorate there house and Christmas tree, give gifts to each other ....

Merry Christmas 


From Team Moaiser

#christmascelebration #trending#religious #religion


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Atal Bihari Vajpayee

by Moaiser on 5th Jan 2021

Atal Bihari Vajpayee 

25 December 1924 – 16 August 2018) was an Indian statesman who served three terms as the Prime Minister of India, first for a term of 13 days in 1996, then for a period of 13 months from 1998 to 1999, followed by a full term from 1999 to 2004. A member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he was the first Indian prime minister not of the Indian National Congress to serve a full term in office. He was also noted as a poet and a writer.

He was a member of the Indian Parliament for over five decades, having been elected ten times to the Lok Sabha, the lower house, and twice to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house. He served as the Member of Parliament for Lucknow, retiring from active politics in 2009 due to health concerns. He was among the founding members of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh (BJS), of which he was president from 1968 to 1972. The BJS merged with several other parties to form the Janata Party, which won the 1977 general election. In March 1977, Vajpayee became the Minister of External Affairs in the cabinet of Prime Minister Morarji Desai. He resigned in 1979, and the Janata alliance collapsed soon after. Former members of the BJS formed the BJP in 1980, with Vajpayee its first president.


During his tenure as prime minister, India carried out the Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998. Vajpayee sought to improve diplomatic relations with Pakistan, travelling to Lahore by bus to meet with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. After the 1999 Kargil War with Pakistan, he sought to restore relations through engagement with President Pervez Musharraf, inviting him to India for a summit at Agra.


The administration of Narendra Modi declared in 2014 that Vajpayee's birthday, 25 December, would be marked as Good Governance Day. In 2015, he was conferred India's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. He died on 16 August 2018 of age-related illness.

Good governance day!


From Team Moaiser


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Looking for low cost franchise?

by Moaiser on 5th Jan 2021

Looking for low cost franchise? 

Here are our next post on low cost franchisee. 


Founded in: 2015

Franchising since: 2018

Franchise units: Less than 10

Initial investment: From Rs 0.5 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 4%

Himalayan Range the novelty kitchenware brand. The company currently operates across 11 different online market channels across the globe. With our strong online presence in 9 Countries in 4 Continents, we’re already a global brand. Currently, we operate with a customer-centric approach, and we firmly believe in the fundamentals of value and variety to billions of retail consumers. The organic products industry has a growth potential of 8x times the current market size by 2020. Therefore, this is the best time to begin your journey with this innovative concept range.


Founded in: 2014

Franchising since: 2018

Franchise units: Less than 10

Initial investment: From Rs 2 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 10%

Bean Here is a famous brand of Allahabad which has won many awards (Best Themed Cafe, Best Stand Alone Cafe, to name a few) for his performance and distinctive offerings. Bean Here is a perfect mix of a cafe with a wide variety of delicacies including Bubble Iced Tea, Waffles, Live Ice Cream Rolls and much more. Bean Here offers attractive growth opportunity to its franchisees and help them in their future endeavors with Bean Here.


Founded in: 2006

Franchising since: 2014

Franchise units: Less than 10

Initial investment: From Rs 2 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 20%

Kalapurnam is a reputed brand since 2006 that provides a platform to the aspiring candidates in the field of Animation, Art and Design. Kalapurnam institute aims at grooming individuals by revealing and encouraging them to a creative environment. Kalapurnam’s franchise concept is unique on its own. Become a part of this established brand by starting a profitable franchise. Excellent support related to faculty and marketing will be provided to spread out the franchise.


Founded in: 2013

Franchising since: 2016

Franchise units: 100 - 200

Initial investment: From Rs 0.5 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 25%

Health Care Adda is the brand new face of telemarketing firm, pioneering in Health and medical concerned herbal products. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are rigorously clinically proven. Health Care Adda is ISO certified and registered organization focusing solely on customer satisfaction. Our Innovative Business System is the finest in the business models which has been acclaimed and approved by experts from around the world. Health Care Adda will help you to get financial freedom and acquaint you with the finest business framework which has existed just in your fantasies till now.


Founded in: 2015

Franchising since: 2015

Franchise units: 500-1000

Initial investment: From Rs 0.1 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 25%

Vedic Herbal Group was established in 2015 with a thought of rural and urban development. The company is not merely an organization but a thought of creating a healthy society through Natural Herbal Product. We value our customers and believe that a qualitative life can be provided to them by delivering a superior quality of products. We believe in optimum utilization of our capabilities for the betterment of the society. Our functionality and concepts make us a distinguished organization.

6.Rhea Lana's

Start-up costs: $15,000

Royalty fees: 1%–3% of gross sales

Average annual sales: Not disclosed

No. of U.S. franchises: 89

This eponymous children's clothing consignment franchise was started in 1997 and has now expanded to 22 states. For $15,000 it offers potential franchisees the chance to organize large consignment events in the territory they purchase. Rhea Lana's provides franchisees training, its proprietary inventory management technology, bar-coding programs and website design. The company claims its franchisees work two to three months a year on a consignment event in a mid-sized market and make as much as they would at a full-time job.


Franchise fee: $2,520 to $44,000

Initial investment: $3,985 to $51,605

Franchise details: JAN-PRO

JAN-PRO is a commercial cleaning franchise whose clientele is other businesses. They offer three options for franchising: international master franchise, executive business, and home-based opportunities.

8.Dream Vacations

Franchise fee: $495 to $9,800

Initial investment: $3,245 to $21,850

Franchise details: Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations is a home-based travel agency franchise with no overhead or inventory — this keeps the cost of initial investment low. It's a great option for military veterans and offers discounted investment prices.

Ready to go all in one a high investment wait for our next franchise post .


From team Moaiser.


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National Mathematics Day

by Moaiser on 22nd Dec 2020

National Mathematics Day

Birth anniversary of Mathematics genius,'Srinivasa Ramanujan' (22 December 1887–26 April 1920) was an Indian mathematician celebrated as National Mathematics Day.

He don't have any close friends,

When a person asked, why?

He replied- like numbers 220 & 284 !

Do you know why ?

Let's. Go with the ans.

Once a person asked Ramanujam that why he didn’t have any close friends.He replied that although ramanujam wanted to have close friends -nobody was up to his expectations. Then he asked how he expected his friend to be — ramanujam replied — like numbers 220 and 284!

The person got confused and asked what is the connection between friendship and these numbers! Ramanujam asked him to find the divisors of each number! With much difficulty — the person derived and listed them

220 → 1,2,4,5,10,11,20,22,44,55,110,220

284 →1,2,4,71,142,284

Ramanujam then asked the person to exclude the numbers 220 and 284 and asked the sum of the remaining divisors The person was surprised on seeing on answer:

220 → 1+2+4+5+10+11+20+22+44+55+110=284

284 →1+2+4+71+142=220

Ramanujam explained that,

"An ideal friendship should be like these numbers- to complement each other, even when one is absent the other should represent the friend!."

Why is Ramanujan's Work Important in Mathematics?

Srinivasa Ramanujan was a visionary who stunned not just the country, but the whole world with his discoveries. He worked on number theory, continued fractions, infinite series, and mathematical analysis. 


Some of his most famous results are the Ramanujan Prime, mock theta functions, Ramanujan theta function, and partition formulae. These results were completely new and unconventional at the time and have inspired considerable research. Mathematics day in India draws attention to and educates people about these contributions and how they continue contributing to society. 


Here is a brief overview of some of the most well-known and radical contributions of the day mathematician. 


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Do You Know What is a franchise business ?

by Priyanka on 18th Dec 2020

                                                                           Do You Know What is a franchise business ?


A business in which independent entrepreneurs are able to use the rights to a larger company’s business name, logo, and products to operate an individual location. The franchiser is the owner of the larger company who sells the rights to license their business, and the franchisee is the third-party owner and operator of the business locations.

In a franchise business, the franchisor provides a developed way of doing business, ongoing guidance, systems and assistance in return for periodic payment of fees and/or purchases.

Buying a franchise can be a viable alternative to starting your own business. Listed below are some advantages of buying franchise.

Advantages of buying a franchisee over starting from scratch:-


  1. Much of the work needed to launch a business idea has already been done. Products and services will have been established and tested. This includes already recognized branding and trademarks. The franchisor will also have a good idea of what locations and demographics work best for their system.
  2. Support from a larger network of businesses. Not only does the franchisor give you support in the form of training, an operations manual for you to refer to, and additional ongoing advice, you can also get support from other franchisees in the network. Annual conventions or meetings are a common occurrence for franchises.
  3. Ability to tap into the collective buying power of the franchisor. In many cases, the franchisor has developed relationships with providers that allow its franchisees to purchase goods at a lower cost compared to the price independent owners of a similar business may be able to negotiate for themselves.
  4. In cases, financing may be easier to secure. Banks and other lenders are sometimes more apt to loan money to those looking to buy a franchise because of an existing knowledge of the franchisor’s product or service.


Renee Friedman, who bought her first FASTSIGNS franchise in 1993, was the preferred signage vendor for the 1996 Olympic Village and currently owns and operates a FASTSIGNS franchise in Central Orlando, explained, “Being part of a strong franchise, provides opportunities and resources that would not be available as an independent owner. If I need help, have a question about a product or budget or hiring or anything, there’s someone standing by to assist me. We have so much training at our fingertips!”

During the corona virus pandemic, many companies that use a franchising model have seen success despite new challenges around safety and consumer expectations.

The International Franchise Association's Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2020 projects the number of franchised business in the U.S. will increase by 1.5% to a total of 785,316 — adding 232,000 jobs this year to reach 8.6 million employees. This is the tenth year in a row of establishment growth

Whether you're looking for a low-cost franchise, or ready to go all-in on a high investment franchise there are options for you. To learn more wait for our next post .

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by Ravi Naidu on 14th Aug 2020

The cry and foul after the great loss of leading personality ,Late Sushant Rajput ,The epitome of rise from the scratch ,common face ,inspiration to millions of youth, was on expected line...Does nepo exist....In Government Jobs - To some extent,In Sports-Sure ..... In Politics-Hell Ya, In Film Industry-Undoubtedly yes,.


                        Flashing back to times when JRD Tata was accused promoting Nepotism. Try to imagine a greatest industrialist most coveted trust of  Brand India INC without the face popping out of Great Ratan Tata . That Sweet revenge Moment- an incident with Ford officials changed the course of history of indian automobile face worldwide and instead of selling their car business to Ford, Tata ended up buying Ford's Jaguar Land Rover nine years later.  


Nepotism always tries to perpetuate its Rule:


    • Politics:65% of Members in the age group of 31 - 40 are hereditary MP's. Slowly and steadily we are moving towards the infamous French conclusion.
    • Nepokids Industry(Bollywood):  
        • Imagine an actress winning a Filmfare debutant award after two years of her launch just because the first year of her debut the much deserved actress in maine pyar kiya fame Bhagyashree won the award. 
        • Can u imagine a person getting a debutante award for two films. How can a actress debut two times. The reason to be more pissed because Sarmin segal and Sevalika Oberoi shook the stage by both her acting performance and were debuting in the same freaking year.
        • Suarj punchali getting award over Vicky Kaushals performance in Machan.Will rest my words right there......

Probably the matter of fact is getting a unfair chance to same DNA to an extent is digestible but to making a nexus narowing the funnel for new entraints to an extent that he is left with no option to take his life is unacceptable and strategic revenge is to placed  .The change and voice against such nexus is to be raised with clear intent of damaging their brands and its should be so clear that it must cost their PR agency a whacking to pitch them in the industry against the common voice. 


    • First-time entrepreneurs - The success rate among first-time entrepreneurs is a low 18%, but that doesn't mean you should give up right away. 
    • Second-timers - Even if your first attempt fails, there's a silver lining to keep in mind. The odds of succeeding increases to 20% for entrepreneurs who give launching a startup a second try.
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Benefits of starting a venture at disruptive time.

by Ravi Naidu on 14th Aug 2020

Disruptive time In business theory, a disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances

Don’t go where it’s crowded. Go where it’s empty. Even though it’s harder to get there, that’s where you belong and where there is less competition. Famous lines by arnorld.Finding a difficult place is tough. Bright side is faith has landed us in this disruptive emptiness. As we know the Business cycle is periodic but irreregular ups and down. There is no better perfect time than to begin. When you are unsure of many things but the curve cannot go further deep .Only place it can go is upside. The major takeaways of starting up a venture are


  1. Just Begin: The biggest names of the planet are actually byproducts of some or other recession or depression. Microsoft to Apple, That famous Steve jobs presentation and launch of iPod taken from his jeans just came after the 9/11 attack. 
  2. The famous launch of i pod from watch pocket of Steve Job in 2001.The presentation which has became the reason of million dream to become a entrepreneurs.
  3. Lower acquisition cost for Acquiring talent : You are as good as your team. To move fast you need a bunch of weed-ers who are as crazy as you. Best opportunity to hire candidates rich in talent at minimum of a cost is slowdown. Where not only opportunities are less to proof their abilities but when delay in decision taken at corporate level takes longer than usual period.
  4. Borrowing is cheaper:- If your idea is sellable you will get a sponsor who will back you .Remember at recession getting a sponsor is tough. But you have made to a place where there is enough space
  5. Competition is less. Competition may be always good for consumer but it cannot be said so for starts-up at all times .Lesser competition means you have the liberty and advantage of placing the price as per your profitability. Competition not only shrink your market size but also your customer base. 
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