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Partner Search

Partner search is an aggregator platform where you can reach out to several business associates, identify their abilities, and finally, collaborate with a partner who is perfectly suitable for your business.

Being rooted comfortably at your place, you can build a successful channel partner all over the India. The partner search platform will consider your requirements and map it accordingly with that of your partner. For example,

  • If you own an infrastructure and you wish to give it on rent for training purposes, you can post your requirements here and can connect with the leading training partners.
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K-Kisan Global Network

In the new normal, Quality over Quantity is the way. Thus, the demand for pure and organic food products has been increased tremendously worldwide. This has also shifted our attention towards the untiring efforts of the farmers of our country. With the motive to establish brand trust and to promote genuine farming techniques, we have built a "K-Kisan global network” for all the small and big farmers to digitally trade in global platform. The freedom to farmers of selling farm produce at the price they want and the time they chose.

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Startup Support

With a billion-dollar idea, an entrepreneur initiates a startup to convert it into a scalable business model. But at the initial stage, every startup has to deal with various uncertainties from different areas involving market research, product resources, fierce competition, finance, and people.

To resolve all the uncertainties and problems coming in your path, we have laid down a platform called “Startup Support”.

Startup support is a fascinating startup school where we analyze the barrier on the path of your startup’s growth and take the assistance of our experts to solve it. We provide financial services, legal services, PMC consultants, etc. to consolidate the foundation of your startup and provide long term sustainability.

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Contract (manufacturing/services)

Contract farming involves agricultural production being carried out on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and farm producers. Sometimes it involves the buyer specifying the quality required and the price, with the farmer agreeing to deliver at a future date. More commonly, however, contracts outline conditions for the production of farm products and for their delivery to the buyer's premises. The farmer undertakes to supply agreed quantities of a crop or livestock product, based on the quality standards and delivery requirements of the purchaser. In return, the buyer, usually a company, agrees to buy the product, often at a price that is established in advance. The company often also agrees to support the farmer through, e.g., supplying inputs, assisting with land preparation, providing production advice and transporting produce to its premises.

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